Juniperus chinensis 'Aurea' / Golden Chinese juniper

Juniperus chinensis 'Aurea' is a male branch sport from ca.1855 at Maurice Young's nursery, Milford, Godalming, Surrey, England. Described in 1863; distributed in 1872. In North American commerce [~]1890. Uncommon. Foliage primarily adult, golden-tinged. At its brightest in spring when the male flowers and young foliage coincide. Van Melle says this is a clone of the original conception of J. chinensis. Growth Slow. Record: 49' x 3'4" Golden Grove, Dyfed, Wales (1982). (Jacobson)

Upright, slowly becomes conical with age, bright gold foliage. (Obrizok)

Juniperus chinensis
Photo by Ken Copeland
Juniperus chinensis
Photo by Sandra McLean Curler
Juniperus chinensis 'Aurea' The form of an older specimen. (Photographed at The Gotelli Collection of The US National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. during May 2006).
Photo by Dax Herbst