Ginkgo biloba 'Todd' / Todd Maidenhair Tree

Dwarf, slow growing male clone, originating as a witch's broom. Small stocky clone that displays great diversity it growing habit.
Leaves grow in several forms from tubes to full and large. Some clones will grow completely different foliage and growth rate. Yellow fall color.

AKA: Ginkgo biloba (Joe's Broom)

Ginkgo biloba 'Todd' foliage The foliage on 'Todd' has several different forms including full leaves, tube leaves, and thread leaves. Leaves are typically abundant and dense.
Photo by Bill Barger
Photo record donated by Richard and Susan Eyre.
Photo by Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc
Ginkgo biloba 'Todd' Larger specimen with fall color. Photo taken Fall 2004.
Photo by Bill Barger