Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold' / Autumn Gold Maidenhair Tree

This male (non-fruiting) selection is common in the trade and notable for its symmetrical crown that is broad and rounded. The mature size is 50' tall with a 30' spread and fall color is an excellent deep yellow.

Broad oval outline, very symmetrical branching even when young. The best yellow fall color.

This male cultivar of Ginkgo is practically pest free, resistant to storm damage, and casts dense shade. It makes a durable street tree where there is enough overhead space to accommodate the large size. The shape is often irregular with a large branch or two seemingly forming its own tree on the trunk. But this does not detract from its usefulness as a city tree unless the tree will be growing in a restricted overhead space. If this is the case, select from the narrow upright cultivars such as Princeton Sentry and Fairmont . Ginkgo tolerates most soil, including compacted, and alkaline. The tree is easily transplanted and has a vivid yellow fall color which is second to none in brilliance, even in the south. However, leaves fall quickly and the fall color show is short. Unlike the species, the tree does not set fruit.

Large specimen Old specimen. This plant can easily outgrow many landscapes.