Fitzroya cupressoides

This is the only species; see Fitzroya genus page.

Cones and foliage from the ancient Alerce Fitzroya which is a national treasure in Chile.
Photo by Sandy Rae via Wikipedia
"Alerce milenario". Parque Nacional Los Alerces
Photo by PatagoniaArgentina via Wikipedia
Branch of Fitzroya cupressoides. Picture taken in Los Alerces National Park (Chubut province, Argentina)
Photo by Gagea via Wikipedia
Botanical specimen in the Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Photo by Daderot via Wikipedia
In earlier times Fitzroya wood was highly valued in Alerce and shingles of Fitzroya for roofs and siding were used as currency called “real de alerce”
Photo by Lin Linao via Wikipedia
Fitzroya cupressoides, Lago Cisne, Chubut, Argentina
Photo by Nestor Galina via Wikipedia
The Alerce Fitzroya is believed to be the world's second oldest living organism and a national treasure in Chile
Photo by Rodolfo Ditzel Lacoa via Wikipedia