Dacrydium Genus (Rimu)

21 Species

Dacrydium (called Rimu in New Zealand) is a genus of conifers belonging to the podocarp family, Podocarpaceae. Twenty one species of evergreen dioecious trees and shrubs are presently recognized. The genus was first described by Daniel Solander in 1786, and formerly included many more species, which were divided into sections A, B, and C by Carl Rudolf Florin in 1931. The revisions of David de Laubenfels and C.J. Quinn, reclassified the former section A as the new genus Falcatifolium, divided Section C into new genera Lepidothamnus, Lagarostrobos and Halocarpus, and retained Section B as genus Dacrydium.

The natural range of Dacrydium extends from New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands through Malaysia (New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines), to Thailand and southern China.

Attribution from: Wikipedia