Cryptomeria japonica 'Yokohama' / Yokohama Japanese cedar

Cryptomeria japonica 'Yokohama' is an irregular-upright, miniature- to dwarf selection of Japanese cedar with random clumpy branching and curious, congested, dark-green semi-juvenile foliage. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure 2 feet (60 cm) tall and wide, an annual growth rate of around 1 to 2 inches (2.5 - 5 cm). It is superficially similar to the better known conifer, 'Tansu.'

This cultivar originated presumably as a seedling selected in the early 1970s at Aritaki Arboretum, Koshigaya, Japan. The first plants arrived in Europe in the early 1980s via H. J. van de Laar nursery, Boskoop, The Netherlands. The names 'Yatsubusa' and 'Yatsubusa-sugi' are considered to be synonymous with this selection.

Cryptomeria japonica 'Yokohama' — an attractive, mature specimen at the Flora Wonder arboretum, Gaston, Oregon.
Photo by David Olszyk