Cryptomeria japonica 'Gyokuryu' / Gyokuryu Japanese cedar

Cryptomeria japonica 'Gyokuryu' is a fast-growing, broadly conical selection of Japanese cedar with coarse green foliage growing in sprays. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure 12 feet (4 m) tall and 8 feet (2.5 m) wide, an annual growth rate of 12 to 15 inches (30 - 38 cm).

This cultivar is presumed to be of Japanese origin. Joel Spingarn of Baldwin, Long Island, New York is credited with its U.S. introduction in 1967.

Cryptomeria japonica 'Gyokuryu' — photo copyright of the Wildlife & Conifer Garden.
Photo by Nonda Surratt
Cryptomeria japonica 'Gyokuryu' at Cox Arboretum, Canton, Georgia.
Photo by Tom Cox
Cryptomeria japonica 'Gyokuryu' in northwestern PA. Sometimes gets winter burn in bad winter years in USDA Zone 5b but will grow out.
Photo by William Dunagin