Conifer Registration

As a service to its members the American Conifer Society provides a way to register new conifers. ACS has established a database of conifer cultivars that resides at the Dawes Arboretum in Newark, Ohio, and is duplicated at the Royal Horticultural Society (London), that is used by scholars and researchers world wide.

To see a checklist of cultivars registered through this program, click here.

As ACS Registrar Rich Larson explains, “Plant registration is absolutely beneficial and essential when writing articles on plant performance or conducting evaluation research. One simply cannot depend upon shaky evidence or suspect nomenclature in order to write a scholarly article. But even for those individuals who might never publish anything, would they not like to know what the accepted name of their plant is, the quality its most noted for and its growth rate and probable mature size? Would they not like to know who originally found the plant and curious history surrounding this discovery? I think most anyone would answer yes to these questions.”

The steps to registration are as follows:

Download these two documents: Notes on Registering a Conifer and the Registration Form.

Carefully read the Notes document before filling out the Registration.

Send the completed Registration document and a fresh specimen to the Registrar at the address on the Registration form.

Registr Cert

Also send a photo(s) (or .jpg image[s]) to the Registrar. The photo(s) should depict the quality which distinguishes the plant from other similar plants, e.g., a conifer noted for early red or yellow foliage should be photographed when this characteristic is most evident.

The Registrar will then review the document, specimen and photos for accuracy; specimens will be pressed and held indefinitely in a herbarium at Dawes for future reference.

A copy of the registration will be forwarded to RHS in England.

Upon acceptance by Dawes and RHS the registrant will be presented with a certificate.