Collectors' Conifer of the Year

Update (12.16.20). Order form for the 2021 Collectors' Conifers of the Year is now available for download below:

Update (12.29.20). Please send your downloaded order form to:

American Conifer Society Conifer of the Year
Attn Steven Courtney
PO Box 1583, Maple Grove, MN, 55311

The CCOY program offers ACS members an opportunity to purchase rare dwarf and/or full-size cultivars that are shipped directly from the growers each spring. Annually, a committee meets with growers to select unique specimens not normally found in nurseries open to the public. The CCOY program is restricted to active members of the American Conifer Society and is open for a limited time each winter or until the present year’s stock sells out. Purchase is limited to one of each selection per member. Proceeds from these sales benefit the ACS and help us further our mission.

Plants arrive in their own shipping containers via pre-paid ground delivery to the shipping address indicated on the order form. They will be accompanied by an anodized aluminum tag with its holder that will permanently identify the plant as the selection of the American Conifer Society’s annual Collectors' Conifer of the Year. Detailed care and planting instructions accompany each plant.

2021 Order Form

Listing of CCOY offerings 2006 to present