Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Special Variegated' / Special Variegated Hinoki cypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Special Variegated' is a fast-growing, upright, tree-form of Hinoki cypress with fairly loose open branching, and absolutely magical variegation, throughout the entire plant. It is truly a magnificent plant. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure 6 feet (2 m) tall and half as wide, an annual growth rate of 6 to 8 inches (15 - 20 cm).

This cultivar, despite its popularity and ease of finding, is of unknown origin. One of it's first mentions in botanical literature was in Buchholz Nursery's online catalog from 2009.
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Special Variegated' — a fine specimen in the Flora Wonder Arboretum at Buchholz & Buchholz Nursery, Gaston, Oregon.
Photo by Mark Weathington, J.C. Raulston Arboretum
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Special Variegated' — a closeup of foliage detail.
Photo by Tim Alderton, J.C. Raulston Arboretum
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Special Variegated' — an older specimen at J.C. Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, North Carolina, an ACS Reference Garden.
Photo by Jeanne Wilkinson, J.C. Raulston Arboretum