Cedrus deodara 'Sander's Blue' / Sander's Blue Deodar cedar

Cedrus deodara 'Sander's Blue' its Blue color is the distinguishing feature here. Powder-Blue new growth darkens with the season to grey-Blue.


Anthony Danna

I am searching for a Blue Deodar Cedar that was planted at my parents home in 1923. It was cut down around 1990. I would like to replace it. the needles ware short and had a blue-green color. The limbs had a draping effect. Where is a good source for me to fine one of these trees- A 5 gallon size. Thank you for your help. Tony Danna

Dan Spear

Anthony, have you looked online? I see Western Evergreen Nursery in Silverton, Oregon has them for sale in #3 and #6. Are you an ACS member? If so, they allow you to purchase directly instead of going through a retailer.