Endangered Conifers - a Video Talk by Tom Cox

By Web Editor

Conservation is part of the mission of the American Conifer Society and it's a passion for Tom Cox, founder of the Cox Arboretum in Canton, Georgia. Watch as Tom discusses some of the rare and endangered conifers that he and his team at the Arboretum are growing and helping to preserve.

The ACS makes conservation grants to individuals, research institutions and public gardens who are actively working to preserve endangered conifer species. If you or someone you know is involved in conifer conservation, check out our award requirements.



Watching this video all I could think about was if these conifers are so rare and endangered why are they not propagated and made available for widespread distribution if only on a limited basis?

Maxwell Cohn

Hi Bill, that's an excellent question. Unfortunately the nursery trade has tightened to the point that most professional growers won't produce anything unless they're certain that they can do so for a good profit.

This is why we desperately need more people propagating conifers as a hobby. Traditionally, they are a reason that so many obscure species and cultivars are among us now. Sadly, I think we can't count on the professionals to indulge us in the same manner as they used to.

Web Editor

I think another reason is that these are species trees and most get enormous within relatively short order. Most homes today do not have large gardens or yards and so cannot accommodate full-sized trees. I have found most of my species conifers at botanical garden plant sales. AND from hobby propagators!