Agathis philippinensis / Manila copal

Agathis philippinensis (known locally as Almaciga or Dayungon) is a species of Agathis native to the Philippines, Sulawesi and Halmahera, where it occurs in upland tropical rainforest at 450-2,200 m altitude, rarely as low as 250 m in northern Luzon.

It is a large coniferous evergreen tree growing up to 65m tall with smooth, grey colored bark. The leaves are oval, 4-6 cm long and 1.5-2 cm broad on adult trees, slightly larger, up to 7 cm long and 3 cm broad, on young trees. The seed cones are squat ovoid, 7-9 cm long and 12 cm diameter, containing numerous spirally arranged scales 28-32 mm long and 35-45 mm broad, each scale bearing a single winged seed. The pollen cones are 25-45 mm long and 10-11 mm broad. It is the northernmost species of Agathis, occurring north to 19°N on the Philippine Calayan islands north of Luzon.

The tree is commonly used throughout the Philippines, Melanesia and Australasia as an enrichment crop. Despite being limited by altitude constraints it is tolerant of most different soil densities, though it requires good drainage and prefers acidic soils. It has a special tolerance for shallow, infertile soils. The tree is therefore used to support areas which do not experience adequate crop growth and is also planted inside of existing plantations to replace existing trees.

Attribution from: Wikipedia