Acmopyle Genus

2 Species

Acmopyle is a genus of conifers belonging to the podocarp family Podocarpaceae. The genus includes two species of evergreen small to tall well-branched trees and large trees: A. pancheri, endemic to New Caledonia, and A. sahniana, endemic to Fiji.

The podocarps are characteristic of the Antarctic flora, which evolved in the cool, humid southern portion of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana. Gondwana broke apart between 110 and 30 million years ago into the continents of South America, Australia, Africa, India, and Antarctica, along with several large islands. New Caledonia is an ancient fragment of Gondwana, and is rich in podocarp species. Fiji is much younger geologically, and was not part of any continent; Acmopyle must have reached Fiji from across the sea.

Attribution from: Wikipedia