Abies veitchii 'Heine' / Heine Veitch's fir

Abies veitchii 'Heine' is a dwarf spreading cultivar of Veitch's fir. Annual expected growth can be up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) with occasional side terminal shoots growing as much as 4 inches (10 cm) producing a shrubby tree 18 inches (45.7 cm) tall by 30 inches (76.2 cm) wide after 10 years. Needles are light green with silvery undersides, producing a pleasing, shimmering effect in the garden.

In 1991, Werner Wüstemeyer of Schirmbeck, Germany discovered the witch's broom from which the original plants were propagated. It should be emphasized that all cultivars of Abies veitchii perform best in well-drained, moisture retaining soil with protection from hot afternoon sun.

Abies veitchii 'Heine' in the garden of Ronald Vermeulen, The Netherlands.
Photo by Robert L. Fincham