Abies lasiocarpa var. arizonica / Arizona Cork Bark fir

Abies lasiocarpa var. arizonica, first described by Clinton Hart Merriam (1855–1942); work completed by John Gill Lemmon (1832–1908), is commonly known as Arizona Cork-bark fir. It differs from the type in the following ways:

Description. Has thickened, 'corky' bark that is white to grey and deeply furrowed, and has very glaucous foliage. In other respects it is like var. bifolia.

Distribution. Var. arizonica occurs in United States — Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, typically at elevations of 7,700 to 11,000 feet (2,400 - 3,400 m) over sea level, where it is commonly seen growing with Picea engelmannii.

Abies lasiocarpa var. arizonica Shows new sea green growth and white corky bark.
Photo by John Fertig
Abies lasiocarpa var. arizonica trees, showing bark
Photo by University of Georgia and the USDA Forest Service
Abies lasiocarpa var. arizonica — a closeup of bark detail.
Photo by Wikipedia