Abies koreana 'Lippetal' / Lippetal Korean fir

Abies koreana 'Lippetal' is a irregular, upright, dwarf selection of Korean fir with dense branching and small, green needles. Main leaders seem to die out from time to time, taking the plant in "different directions" over time. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure 30 inches (75 cm) tall and 24 inches (60 cm) wide, an annual growth rate of 3 inches (7.5 cm).

This cultivar originated as a seedling selected made in the late 1980s by Werner Wüstemeyer Nursery, Schermbeck, Germany. Be aware that 'Lippetal' is the correct cultivar name, replacing the provisional listing, 'Zwergform Wüstemeyer', which is still quite prevalent in the nursery trade.

Abies koreana 'Lippetal' — a mature specimen in an arboretum setting.
Photo by Amazingmaples, courtesy of UBC Botanical Garden
Abies koreana 'Lippetal' — a young plant in a private garden.
Photo by Len Stubenfoll