Abies delavayi 'Major Neishe' / Major Neishe Delavay's fir

aka Abies delavayi 'Nana'

Abies delavayi 'Major Neishe' is a slow-growing, upright cultivar of Delavay's fir. Annual growth is 1 - 2 inches" (2.5 x 5 cm) producing a clumpy, spreading juvenile plant. Oft-times an established tree may require up to 40 years before attaining meaningful height. Foliage is a rich, shiny dark-green and produces distinctive Blue seed cones.

'Major Neishe' was one of three seedlings selected by Hillier Nursery, UK and later distributed to Major Neishe of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. There is some historic controversy whether three distinct seedlings existed, as 'Nana,' 'Major Neishe' and 'Buchanon' are all quite similar. Since this argument may never be resolved, we will consider 'Nana' and 'Major Neishe' to be synonymous while 'Buchanon' appears to be distinct enough to warrant its own classification.