Abies concolor var. lowiana

Abies concolor var. lowiana (Gord.) Lemm.
= Abies concolor ssp. Iowiana (Gord.) E. Murray
= Abies lowiana (Gord.) A. Murr.
= Abies parsonii (Fowler, non Sene.)
= Abies parsoniana (McNab)

Pacific white fir. California white fir. Sierra white fir. From mid-Oregon to south California mountains. Subspecies lowiana differs from typical Abies concolor in growing much larger, its needles are less bluish and more arranged like those of Abies grandis, and it is less hardy. It is much less commonly grown. Botanically it might be regarded as intermediate between Grand fir and white fir. Records: 246' x 15' 3" (74.9 x 4.6 m) Yosemite, CA (1982); 192' x 27' 11"(58.5 x 8.5 m) Sierra National Forest, CA (1972).