Abies amabilis 'Compacta' / Compact Pacific silver fir

Abies alba 'Compacta' is a dwarf, dense form with dark green foliage. This small, densely-branched Pacific silver fir is perfect for the medium-sized garden. It's distinguishable with its glossy, dark-green needle tops contrasting dramatically with the needles' silvery undersides and tiny resinous buds. For the conifer collector, this is a valuable cultivar because so few Abies amabilis cultivars exist in the trade. (Robert L. Fincham)
Introduced by S.B. Parsons & Sons, New York in 1903.

Photo from September, 2013. This specimen is about four years old.
Photo by William Fletcher
Pictured specimen is about three years old, purchased from Porterhowse Farms(Don Howse).
Photo by William Fletcher