Abies alba 'Aargau' / Aargau European silver fir

Abies alba 'Aargau' is a low, spreading dwarf selection of European silver fir with striking silvery, blue-green foliage and an attractive spreading structure. Typical rate of growth in most areas is up to 2 inches (5 cm) per year, more outward than upward at first. Later as the plant ages, a leader will form and it will begin to assume a more broadly-conical "Christmas tree" shape , resulting in a layered cushion 20 inches (50 cm) tall and two thirds as wide after 10 years in the garden.

Günter Eschrich of Recklinghausen, Germany is credited with the origin and nomination of this cultivar. He found the original witch's broom ortet in the Aargau canton of Switzerland in 1989. It was a rather massive broom, 50 inches (125 cm) tall and 60 inches (150 cm) wide. As is often the tradition in Europe, Eschrich named his discovery for the place where he found it. Quite often this cultivar is seen incorrectly named, 'Argau.'

Abies alba 'Aargau'
Photo by Bill Barger
Abies alba 'Aargau,' detail of early spring foliage.
Photo by Bill Barger