Scholarships & Student Benefits

The American Conifer Society annually offers a $2,500 award to a worthy candidate pursuing a career in horticulture, plant science, forestry or related fields who have demonstrated an interest in conifers. At the discretion of the ACS board of directors, additional scholarships may be awarded.

Award recipients may use the scholarship for any educational purpose that is consistent with the mission of the ACS such as the study, development, preservation, promotion and appreciation of conifers (including ginkgo) in landscapes and gardens available to the public.

For example, recipients may use the funds for tuition, textbooks, reference books, educational CDs, DVDs and software. Workshops, work-study programs or classes offered by legitimate organizations such as cooperative extensions and horticultural societies are examples of some other legitimate educational pursuits.

We accept applications between March 1st and June 1st and the application may be downloaded HERE. You may also request an application by postal mail from: The American Conifer Society Scholarship Committee, 900 Winton Rd. N., Rochester, NY 14609. An application form is good for one year. Applicants may reapply in subsequent years by completing a new application form.

Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by post card or email. The winner will be notified by the Committee Chair in advance. The award, payable by check, will be made in July or August of the same year, usually at the ACS National Meeting.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must be a current member of the ACS or sponsored by a current ACS member (including an Institutional or Corporate member.) Only one applicant per ACS member/sponsor is allowed per year. Dependents of members may apply using their parent or guardian as sponsor.

No member of ACS currently holding a National office, Regional office, or paid staff, including contracted agent, or a “Reporting Person” on a committee sanctioned by the Board of Directors of the ACS, is eligible for this award.

The sponsoring member’s signature is required on the application. Corporate or Institutional members may sponsor one applicant directly; a signature from the Corporate or Institutional sponsor is required on the application. All applicants must have a sponsor.

Successful applicants must grant ACS the right to use their name, a short biography and the educational purpose of the scholarship to appear in its publication, Conifer Quarterly, and on the ACS website as part of a scholarship announcement. This material will be also used for publicity purposes for future ACS scholarships. (The winner’s addresses, e-mail and phone number will NOT be released to the public.) At a later date the winner will also be required to prepare an article for Conifer Quarterly on how the scholarship was used and will work with the magazine’s editor on readying it for publication. Deadlines for the article will be negotiated between the scholarship winner, the Scholarship Committee and the CQ editor. The article will also appear on the ACS website.

ACS Scholarship Application

Inquiries about the ACS Scholarship are welcome at any time. Please email:

Gerald P. Kral
ACS Scholarship Committee Chair
900 Winton Road, N.
Rochester, NY 14609
Email: Jerry Kral