Donate to the ACS

Membership dues primarily cover costs associated with the creation and mailing of our various publications. Additional funding is needed to accomplish our mission of education and to fund our scholarships and grants. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to support our efforts in education and conservation. You may make an unrestricted donation, or you may request that your donation be used for a specific purpose, such as education or conservation.

Unrestricted donations are used for special projects such as conservation, education, propagation, grants to Conifer Reference Gardens and scholarships. These donations are generally placed in our Endowment and Memorial Fund, from which we fund special projects.

We also accept donations into the Jean Iseli Memorial Fund, established in 1986 to honor Jean Iseli of Boring Oregon. Jean was an ACS Founder and conifer propagator and this fund annually provides a grant to a public garden, arboretum, or horticultural institution that executes our mission.

Donations can be made using this Donation Form. For more information, contact our national office manager, Steve Courtney ((763) 657-7251).

Thank you!