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22 hours ago to Pevé Maribo in Conifers
nobody is "wrong" ... above it says mature size of 3 feet tall and wide in 10 years. That other site might have a 30-year horizon, or is taking a guess at some "ultimate size" after many decades. The point is that woody plants never stop growing.

22 hours ago to massoniana in Conifers
hello Jewel ... the mission of the American Conifer Society is to promote the use of conifers in gardens and the landscape, as well their preservation / conservation in Nature. We have <strong>no opinion </em>on their use in creating bedroom furniture.

1 day ago to Pevé Maribo in Conifers
I like this dwarf tree a lot and want to buy it but... I found it on plantlust.com and they wrote that it size is 20' x 10'. I'm confused. I don't need huge tree. Who is wrong?