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5 days ago to Bonsai in Conifers
We live in zone 6a in CT. We have had our Bonsai since 2006. We have never had any winter problems. It gets filtered sun and some wind protection. It is about 8 ft wide and 6 ft tall. It did lose its leader awhile ago and only recently formed a new one. In general I would say to plant it now and put up a burlap screen for the prevailing winds. I don’t have a cold frame so I have had poor luck overwintering trees in pots. Sometimes we get a warm and dry spell in November and I forget to water the newly planted trees and they die over the winter. If the tree is pot bound and you really have to work on the roots then maybe you should put it in a bigger pot and keep it in a cold area and nurse it along.

6 days ago to Tolleson's Weeping Blue in Conifers
Do I need to train this tree so it grows taller? All the branches are weeping at different heights so I don’t know if any of them would become a leader. I have seen a photo where an open wooden frame-like structure was build around it and the weeping branches were tied up with strings in a manner of a puppet. Any thoughts or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

6 days ago to Tolleson's Weeping Blue in Conifers
I found mine at Lowe’s in Reno NV earlier this year. They are Monrovia grown in a 5 gal. pot and about 4-5’. I don’t know where you live but if it’s available online at Monrovia you can order and have it shipped to your local nursery for pick up even if you just order one plant.