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16 days ago to Hazel Smith in Conifers
I would be very much interested in hearing from anyone who has tried to raise the "Hazel Smith" variant in USDA zones 5b or 6a.

16 days ago to Sequoiadendron in Conifers
Has anyone in the U.S. outside of the west coast states successfully attempted to raise giant Sequoias especially the "Hazel Smith" variant? I'd be especially interested in hearing from anyone in USDA zones 5b or 6a.

20 days ago to Sekkan in Conifers
I purchased a young Cryptomeria japonica about 5 feet in height, after 5 weeks it was turning brown from the bottom up but underneath the branches the needles still showed green .Thinking it may die I removed it washed away all earth from the roots and replanted it in an area where it was more protected from the sun as now I have read it may have been sun scorched. I mixed some nitrogen fertilizer with a little chicken manure and cow manure and added that to the soil from the dug hole Is there anything else I can do or should not have done Thank you