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2 days ago to Karl Fuchs in Conifers
I have two of these trees, planted a little over one year ago. One looks normal with appropriate spring growth, but one looks really weird, with what looks like abnormal growth. The new growth is "clumpy" and has made the top of the tree look like a bushy clump instead of a more spiked appearance. Could this tree have some sort of disease or virus or something that causes this and is there anything oe can do about it. The tree otherwise looks healthy. I could send a photo. Thank you.

2 days ago to Fitzroya in Conifers
Dear Staffan, While these seeds are rare and scarce, i recommend you to take a look at this chilean vendor (Chileseed.cl): http://www.chileseed.cl/index.html They have Fitzroya seeds in their listed items. You may be able to buy some from them. Best regards, Alec S.

2 days ago to Monkinn in Conifers
I have three Feelin Blue cedars (Monrovia) that are about 4' x 8' at 8 years. I have three Feelin Sunny cedars (Monrovia) that have a strong upright leader and growth rate of about 1' per year and are 4' tall after just two years. Any explanation?