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13 hours ago to laricina in Conifers
Is the Tamarack black walnut tolerant?

2 days ago to Silver Mist in Conifers
Could you tell me what this tops out at? (height and width)?

2 days ago to Baby Blue Eyes in Conifers
Looking for (well, thought I was...) a dwarf size silver conifer as part of a long-range landscape plan for an open area in front of a very large, wood sided garage as a backdrop. Fell in love with photos of Baby Blue Eyes and it seems to check off all my new, but limited knowledge, of what kind of conifer I should be looking for. Until I read your humidity/fungal comments above. Zone 5a, mountains of WV, 2,500 feet, yes, a lot of humidity throughout a good part of the year as we are in a long valley trapping in the moisture. Wrong choice? Better ideas? Or skip conifers completely? We are out on a mostly flat 35 acre working pasture that is green about 85% of the year. (Unless freshly mowed for hay or covered in snow.) New house is wheat yellow with white trim. Grays, whites, red and green look best for landscaping. Looking for a single "statement" tree in front of garage with year-round appeal. Oddly anything in orange/brown tones (i.e. fall color change) looks dull near house so very interested in a conifer (or?) there and other possible landscaping areas. Thoughts?