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20 hours ago to Filiformis in Conifers
the <em>plicata </em> will have reddish bark on second-year branchlets. That's probably the only way unless you've handled millions of them.

22 hours ago to Filiformis in Conifers
<em>Thuja occidentalis </em>'Filiformis' and <em>Thuja plicata </em>'Whipcord' are two different species. How does one tell them apart in the landscape without labels?

3 days ago to sibirica in Conifers
Google also talks about a Graupa Forestry Research Center in Saxony, Germany. They've been doing some work with <em>Larix </em> in forestry trials. It's possible that this is one their experimental trees. How Joe got his hands on it may remain a mystery for a long time.