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27 min ago to Skylands in Conifers
Hello Aileen ... 'Skylands' is notorious and infamous for sun scorch, burning badly until they are about 10 years old or so. It's 99% likely that's what's going on.

41 min ago to edulis in Conifers
Why is the elevation so important? Is it the temp quoted at that elevation or the temp for the region, when they say 80F is that at the elevation or at lower urban level? Does the elevations impact on the composition of the air impact their growth? If the temperature ranges and terrain is the same at lower elevations can they be cultivated? I would love to grow these in Hill Country TX but our elevation is lower at only 1650ft. Summer temps get higher than 80F at lower elevations but the constant breeze at the higher elevations lowers the temps considerably especially in the valley slopes. Has anyone had success growing outside of their perfect range?

44 min ago to Skylands in Conifers
Can you help identify a problem with my 4-year old 'Skylands' spruce? Needles all over are turning brown. Research suggested cankers, mites, rust, or needle cast but further help with diagnostics has been elusive. Are there photos of these disease processes available somewhere? The tree appeared healthy until recently (September zone 7) Thank you in advance.