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3 days ago to Golden Mop in Conifers
I have a question about pruning this shrub. The tag stated mature height of 4'-5'. Mine is easily 10'+ (about 13yrs old) Obviously I planted this in the wrong location based on that information. How hard can I prune this shrub to bring it into a more manageable size for its location Thank you for any help provided.

6 days ago to parviflora in Conifers
hello I am a 7th grader doing a science project about plants and I was wondering how a Japanese White Pine reproduces.

6 days ago to Pendula in Conifers
I recently purchased a 5-6’ PGP, decent specimen (IMO) from Iseli, but the only “negative” is it has 2 leaders that form a V. Questions: 1) Should I remove one of the legs of the V so that there will be just one leader? Unfortunately both legs are angled outward, neither being straight up like a Christmas tree. I’d love some advice on what to do at this point. Can provide photo if that would help. 2) Tree is still in a 10 gal container and I’m about to plant in-ground. It has a gorgeous skirt that drapes around the sides of the container, I’ve seen some photos where this variety was elevated slightly with a shallow rock wall to enable the skirt to drape and not drag on the ground. Is that style of planting what most folks do when the tree has a nice skirt, or do most plant them in the level ground? Thanks very much! I’m a conifer newbie so sorry if these are dumb questions,