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5 days ago to Historic Long Island Conifer Garden? in Forum Topics
I am searching for the identity of an early 20th century Japanese Garden site on Long Island, NY (possibly affiliated with garden designer Y. Muto) that might have imported landscape specimens of Picea torano (polita) and/or Tsuga seiboldii from the…

10 days ago to Sander's Blue in Conifers
Anthony, have you looked online? I see Western Evergreen Nursery in Silverton, Oregon has them for sale in #3 and #6. Are you an ACS member? If so, they allow you to purchase directly instead of going through a retailer.

10 days ago to Sander's Blue in Conifers
I am searching for a Blue Deodar Cedar that was planted at my parents home in 1923. It was cut down around 1990. I would like to replace it. the needles ware short and had a blue-green color. The limbs had a draping effect. Where is a good source…