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The CQ is a major benefit of membership in the ACS. This illustrated magazine contains articles on conifer propagation and cultivation, profiles on major conifer collectors and growers, and reviews of books and meetings of special interest to conifer enthusiasts whether you are a home gardener or horticultural professional.

When the Society began in 1983, with Bob Fincham as its first president, one of the goals was to publish a journal. Bob, and his wife Dianne, volunteered to create what was initially called the Bulletin and which eventually grew into the ConiferQuarterly.

At present we have electronic copies of CQ dating back to Winter 2003. There are a few missing issues which we hope to be able to add eventually. (An index of all issues to October, 2013, can be found here.)

What appears in the Archive below are PDFs of all issues of CQ currently in our digital collection. Members have access to whole issues. Non-members will see only samples. Join the ACS today and get the Quarterly!


If you would like to write an article for the ConiferQuarterly, be sure to download and read the Contributor Guidelines. Before your article (including photographs) can be accepted for publication you (and/or the photographer) must sign a Copyright Agreement. Send inquiries, submissions or questions to the Quarterly’s Editor, Ron Elardo. Members are encouraged to contribute and share their conifer experiences!


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