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Shortly after the creation of the ACS in 1983 with Bob Fincham as its first president, it was decided that a publication was needed and Bob, with his late wife Dianne, volunteered to create what was initially called ACS’s Bulletin but which eventually grew into ConiferQuarterly.

As the format changed over the years so too has the technology of print production and distribution and some of those changes didn’t make it to the 21st century. At the present time we only have electronic copies of CQ dating back to Winter 2003 and there are a few holes in between that we hope to fill in eventually.

The American Conifer Society is organized into four Regions, Northeast (NER), Southeast (SER), Central (CNR) and Western (WSR). Three of the four regions publish their own newsletters, usually as PDFs, that are distributed direct to the members of their respective regions. ACS Members can access the digital archive of all the Regional Newsletters we have on file. Non-members can get the latest issue. The Western Region does not publish a newsletter, rather they post events and news on the website as they occur, and send emails when appropriate.

Northeast Region: Coniferous Contemplations
Southeast Region: Southeastern Conifer
Central Region: Coniferite