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 American Conifer Society Student Membership

As part of its mission to educate the public about dwarf conifers the ACS provides a student membership rate of $10 annually to students enrolled full-time in an accredited school of horticulture, forestry or plant science. To qualify, students must provide a letter from their institution’s Registrar’s Office verifying that they are enrolled full-time in one of their programs.

A student membership includes:

  • Member access to the ACS website where they may participate in online discussions, comment on news stories, access back issues of our publications as electronic PDF files and upload information and photographs to the ACS Conifer Database.
  • Attendance at ACS national and regional meetings, symposia, garden tours and rendezvous.
  • Taking advantage of ACS member discounts in sales and promotions offered by participating growers and specialty nurseries.
  • Downloading Conifer Quarterly magazine (as a PDF) when posted online. (Hard copies of CQ are not mailed to student members.)

A letter stating your name, current mailing address and preferred e-mail address — plus the letter from your Registrar — should be sent to: Office Manager, American Conifer Society, PO Box 1583, Maple Grove, MN 55311

Additionally, every year the ACS offers up to 100 free memberships to full time students enrolled in an accredited school of horticulture, forestry or plant sciences. A student may receive only one free annual membership during their course of study. The membership can be extended at the $10 student rate while enrolled in the program but the student needs to reapply each year.

A limit of five free student memberships will be awarded annually to each institution. Student applicants will be notified by ACS when their institution’s quota has been met.

If you think you may qualify for a free membership, include the above information but without the $10 check; you will be notified if you qualify. (Questions? E-mail ACS Business Office.)