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American Conifer Society Membership

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Membership Categories

      • Household membership (1-2 persons): $38, U.S. and Canada; $58, International
      • Institutional (Non-profit only): $38, U.S. and Canada; $58, International. (Permitted one vote in Society elections on behalf of the institution and up to two registered associate members at the same address.)
      • Sustaining: $58, U.S. and Canada; $78, International (Sustaining members receive recognition in Society publications.)
      • Patron: $138, U.S. and Canada; $158, International. (Patrons will receive recognition in Society publications and at the National Meeting.)
      • Corporate/Business: $100, U.S. and Canada; $120, International (Permitted one vote in Society elections on behalf of the corporation/business and up to two registered associate members at the same address. Corporate/business members shall receive listing online.)
      • Student: FREE (Available to verified, fulltime students of horticulture, forestry or plant sciences. ConiferQuarterly available in electronic PDF format only.) Email your name, name of school, intended major and name of professor.
      • Life Membership: $1000 U.S., Canada and International. (Includes up to two voting members at the same address.)

ACS Membership Benefits

      • Members receive four issues of the ConiferQuarterly, an excellent publication which includes information on growing, finding, and caring for conifers. Also included are announcements of meetings and workshops, collector profiles, outstanding photographs and advertisements from specialty nurseries that offer conifers you’re unlikely to find in your garden center.
      • The ACS Website provides the latest news from ACS, upcoming meetings and special events, blogs and observations on the world on conifers plus the Conifer Database, a powerful tool to research conifers – especially their correct names and cultivation with over 2,500 color photos. It also includes a “Learn About Conifers” section, a ready reference section about using and maintaining conifers and explanations of botanical terms that the novice might need to get involved in this horticultural specialty. Members can also comment on news events, participate in discussions with conifer experts, ask questions about collecting, maintaining and identifying conifers and contribute information, including their own photographs, to our growing Conifer Database. The members’s only area of the site also has back issues of ConiferQuarterly archived plus those of our Regional Newsletters.
      • The annual National Meeting rotates through the four different climatic regions of the U.S. and showcases interesting gardens and arboreta. Highlights include educational programs, enlightening speakers and plant auctions that let attendees purchase choice conifers for their gardens.
      • Membership supports ACS Conifer Reference Gardens across the country that showcase conifers in regional gardens which meet collection standards and and are approved by the ACS. These gardens provide public access to experience unusual specimens and learn about dwarf conifers.
      • ACS members have the exclusive opportunity to purchase Collector Conifer of the Year trees plants for their gardens. These distinctive conifers have been selected for their extraordinary characteristics and scarce availability.
      • A Seed Exchange makes available to members selections which are not available through conventional sources, including seed collected from witches’ brooms.
      • Each of the four ACS Regions stage events at various times of the year to let members experience nearby conifer gardens, visit conifer collections, and meet fellow conifer enthusiasts.
      • Membership dues supports Conifer Research, Student Scholarships, Awards, International Trips, and Public Gardens throughout the USA.

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