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Pine Cones & Pot Luck

Glacier's End Pinetum - Olympia, WA

Save the date. It’s the second annual

Pine Cones & Pot Luck

open garden day

Saturday, October 7th, 10am to 4pm
Glacier’s End Pinetum, the home garden of Western Regional President, David Olszyk (head grunt) and Anita Olszyk (chief enabler).

Glacier’s End in all of its fall splendor.

Photo by David Olszyk


It’s time to celebrate a successful season of fun and coniferous camaraderie for the Western Region. Pine Cones & Pot Luck will be a day of garden tours, good food and cheer. This event is open to all ACS members and their guests. The price of admission will simply be a smile. Feel free but not pressured to add a consumable to the feast. Dave and Anita will have the grill fired up and will have a good assortment of savory meats to enjoy.

You may notice that the specific address is missing. That means we’re counting on an RSVP. If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, email Dave at  In return, you’ll get a street address allowing you to complete your journey.

A Special Opportunity . . .

It’s also plant placement day

A rather large box of wonders


Pictured is a rather large box. Contained within it are lots of 2nd and 3rd year grafted conifers, most of which are extremely rare not likely available for sale anywhere. Many of these gems need to go to forever homes to make room for the fresh grafts that are “hardening off” in the shade house.

A day in a fine garden, good food and drink, palling around with Coneheads and an opportunity to score a rare conifer or two. Who would pass on this?

Hope to see you there!

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