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27 -29

Rim of the World Conifer Road Trip

Big Bear Lake Visitors Center - Big Bear Lake, CA

    Are you ready for a conifer adventure? Join the Western Region for an adventure along the eastern transverse ranges of the San Bernardino mountains, just northeast of Los Angeles, California. (Note: our first trip to this area was to the middle range, San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles Crest Highway). The eastern mountains…

10 -11

In the Footsteps of a Legend

Denver Botanic Gardens - Denver, Colorado 1:00pm

American Conifer Society Western Region and pleased and proud to offer its members a unique opportunity to tour and explore a part of our region that is somewhat off our beaten path, yet nonetheless, a part of the country that is home to some of the Earth’s toughest and most-beautiful conifers and most stunning geography….

5 -6

Pine, Wine and High Desert

Red Lion Hotel Yakima Center - Yakima, WA 9:00am

    Keeping with 2018’s theme of high desert conifers, our third big event will take place in the high and dry climate of eastern Washington. The contrast with the green and wet of western Washington and Oregon is quite amazing. Early October brings with it the bracing chill of early frosty mornings; the resplendent,…