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SFBG Curator-led Walk

San Francisco Botanical Garden - San Francisco, CA 11:45am

  Please join us on September 29, 2018 for a ramble around San Francisco Botanical Garden with their Curators. While we will certainly see some of SFBG’s magnificent conifers, we will also take note of what is blooming or particularly interesting in early autumn. (On the last curator-led tour, for example, we saw several instances…

5 -6

Pine, Wine and High Desert

Red Lion Hotel Yakima Center - Yakima, WA 9:00am

    Keeping with 2018’s theme of high desert conifers, our third big event will take place in the high and dry climate of eastern Washington. The contrast with the green and wet of western Washington and Oregon is quite amazing. Early October brings with it the bracing chill of early frosty mornings; the resplendent,…


Pine Cones and Pot Luck III

Glacier's End Pinetum - Olympia, WA 10:00am

Welcome to what is quickly becoming an eagerly anticipated event on the ACS Western Region’s social calendar. Pine Cones and Pot Luck is the annual gathering of conifer enthusiasts from all over. This absolutely free event offers a bit of everything — a workshop or two covering things like conifer pruning, maintenance, correcting root problems,…