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Reconciling European larch hybrids (0 Replies)

Posted March 24, 2017 at 12:38 pm

I would like some help from experts. I am trying to reconcile the nomenclature for the European hybrid larches. The two in question are Larix × eurolepis and Larix × marschlinsii. Does the following sound like a good reason why everything is now × marschlinsii? . . .

The research I’ve done shows that Larix × eurolepis (Henry), The Dunkeld larch, was named in 1904. It’s a well-known story of Larix kaempferi planted among Larix decidua on the Duke of Atholl’s estate in Scotland. The hybrid seedlings from these plantings turned out to be fertile and stable with increased vigor than that of the parent trees.

Around the same time we have Larix × marschlinsii (Coaz), The Swiss larch, being named in 1901 from observing seedlings at Tscharnerholz Forestry Center in Morat, Switzerland. Johann Coaz at first thought these were a hybrid of Larix kaempferi × siberica. At some point is was determined that Coaz’s plants were actually Larix kaempferi × decidua and since Coaz’s study was done first, the Dunkeld larch’s botanical name was changed from × eurolepis to × marschlinsii.

In order to completely resolve this, I would like to know who decided that one of the parents of the Swiss larch was Larix decidua instead of L. siberica. I suspect it may have been Gerd Krüssmann in “Manual of Cultivated Conifers,” but would appreciate verification.

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