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My silberlocke fir is dying from the top down. Please help. (0 Replies)

Posted September 4, 2017 at 2:38 pm

I have a beautiful Silver Show Korean Fir that is dying from the top down. I planted it last spring. It was about 4 -5 feet tall. I love near Harrisburg, PA, so the zone isn’t ideal, but firs are my favorite conifers and I am a new collector (past 3-4 years). Our soil has a lot of clay, so I mix it with sand and top soil and manure and Jersey Green Sand for a healthy mix that drains well and seems to work good for my other conifers. It gets plenty of water where it is. Its protected from wind on all sides and has shade in the am and early evening, with sun from about noon onward. It did spectacularly all summer with great cones. Then, just as fall approached, in mid-late August, it started to die. The leader went first and the first ring of branches. I cut that section off and crossed my fingers, but the rest is dying. I had a Silberlocke and it did exactly the same thing. The soil was not good where that was, but I have learned since then about the importance of good drainage. Can anyone help me save this expensive little Iseli tree?

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