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This forum is for general questions and comments about conifers or the ACS. Before engaging in a discussion, be sure to read the ACS Terms of Use which outlines our policies and establishes guidelines to ensure collegiality among participants and encourage constructive dialog.

Metal tags for conifers (3 Replies)

Active March 2018

Purchase Dwarf & Semi-Dwarf Seedlings (4 Replies)

Active February 2018

Science Notes on Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (2 Replies)

Active February 2018

Grafting Ginkgo cultivars. (1 Reply)

Active January 2018

Abies magnifica 'Mount Si' (2 Replies)

Active December 2017

Is it too late to transplant Abies in Seattle in December? (2 Replies)

Active December 2017

My silberlocke fir is dying from the top down. Please help. (5 Replies)

Active November 2017

Looking For Specimen (2 Replies)

Active November 2017

Before/ After Growing Season Photos (8 Replies)

Active November 2017

Tsuga canadensis (2 Replies)

Active October 2017

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