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This forum is for general questions and comments about conifers or the ACS. Before engaging in a discussion, be sure to read the ACS Terms of Use which outlines our policies and establishes guidelines to ensure collegiality among participants and encourage constructive dialog.

What is this? (3 Replies)

Active January 2017

black mold on cedars (5 Replies)

Active November 2016

New Additions to the Conifer Database (8 Replies)

Active July 2016

ACS-Central Early results survey article (1 Reply)

Active July 2016

Sukiya Living? (2 Replies)

Active May 2016

omorika 'aurea pendula'? (2 Replies)

Active May 2016

'Hibari' = 'Chirimen'? (4 Replies)

Active May 2016

Spring goes pop! (39 Replies)

Active April 2016

Conifers of the Year – A Trial in Georgia (32 Replies)

Active December 2015

conifer cones for sale (3 Replies)

Active September 2015

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