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120 Topics with 687 Posts. Active 1 week, 4 days ago.

This forum is for general questions and comments about conifers or the ACS. Before engaging in a discussion, be sure to read the ACS Terms of Use which outlines our policies and establishes guidelines to ensure collegiality among participants and encourage constructive dialog.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Resistance (9 Replies)

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Deer eating my junipers–help! (2 Replies)

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Cold frame management for container conifers (6 Replies)

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Wholesale Source For Conifers (2 Replies)

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Araucaria araucana seedling issues (5 Replies)

Active last month

Picea pungens 'Something's Amiss' (2 Replies)

Active November 2018

NER Region Meeting Photos (3 Replies)

Active October 2018

Winter Damage to Endangered Conifers (3 Replies)

Active October 2018

Best practices for newly won ACS auction plants (10 Replies)

Active October 2018

Cedar of Lebanon (2 Replies)

Active October 2018

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