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Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Drath'

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There is no description for this record yet.

4 comments to “Chamaecyparis obtusa Drath

  1. David Olszyk commented

    good eye. You are correct. I’ve made the correction. Also be aware that this cultivar is now widely accepted to actually be a Ch. lawsoniana cultivar.

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  2. edwilliams commented

    Ah, That might explain the rough winter. I seem to have trouble with the lawsoniana’s here the first two or three winters. I just read something on-line that said it was bred in the German nurseries of G. J. Draht in the 60’s. Did we Americanize the name?

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  3. David Olszyk commented

    Nope, just a simple misspelling. In German, “draht” and “drath” sounds the same.

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