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Abies koreana 'Oberon'

(Oberon Korean fir)

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aka ‘Stolwyk no. 2’ which was a provisional name.

Abies koreana ‘Oberon’ is a very slow-growing dwarf form of Korean fir with beautiful, short dark-green needles, more closely resembling a Hebe than those of a conifer, and striking white buds in autumn and winter. Annual expected growth is 2-3″(5-7.6cm) per year, producing a small tree 24″(61cm) high and 12-20″(3.6-6.1cm) wide. Usually it does not form a leader, but with a little help it will manage to grow upright. Naturally it becomes a small rounded dwarf with many shoots that try to stand up, and with the white winter buds it has an beautiful appearance.

‘Oberon’ was found in 1963 by D. Guldemond and Son nursery in Boskoop, The Netherlands and introduced to the trade by the same nursery in 1978.  It was later promoted by the Stolwijk Nursery, The Netherlands, in 1985. It is one of my favorites.

The name ‘Oberon’ means king of the dwarfs or elves.
[description and history courtesy of Ronald Vermeulen in a article written for Conifer Quarter, Spring 2003]

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