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Abies beshanzuensis var. ziyuanensis

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Abies beshanzuensis var. ziyuanensis first described in 1980 by L.K. Fu and S.L. Mo is a recognized variety of Baishan fir. It differs from the typical variety in the following ways —

Seed cones in var ziyuanensis are green-brown or dark brown in color, cylindric-ellipsoid in shape, with wider seed scales, ca. 1.3 inches (3.3 cm) wide at the middle of the cones, and conical winter buds. In contrast, var. beshanzuensis has light brown or yellow-brown seed cones, narrower seed scales 1 to 1.2 inches (2.5 – 3 cm) wide, and ovoid winter buds.

Var. ziyuanensis is quite similar in other aspects to var. beshanzuensis and was previously treated as a distinct species

Distribution. This specific variety was collected from Jiangxi province (Jinggang Shan) and eastern Hunan (Lin Xian). Therefore, this species does not appear to be as geographically isolated as once thought.


Attributed from: Li Nan; Notes on Gymnosperms I. Taxonomic Treatments of Some Chinese Conifers; NOVON 7(3): 261-264. 1997.

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