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Abies Genus (Fir)

57 Species with 326 Trinomials

Abies, commonly known as Fir is a genus of 48 to 55 species of evergreen coniferous tree in the family Pinaceae. They are found throughout much of North and Central America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa, occurring in mountains over most of the range. Firs are most closely related to the genus Cedrus (cedar); Douglas-firs are not true firs, being of the genus Pseudotsuga.

All native species reach heights of 30 to 260 feet (10 – 80 m) tall and trunk diameters of 2 to 12 feet (0.5 – 4 m) broad when mature. Firs can be distinguished from other members of the pine family by unique way of attachment of their needle-like leaves and by their different cones.

Identification of the species is based on the size and arrangement of the leaves, the size and shape of the cones, and whether the bract scales of the cones are long and exserted, or short and hidden inside the cone.

Attributed from: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

European silver fir

(Abies alba)

Pacific silver fir

(Abies amabilis)

Balsam fir

(Abies balsamea)

Baishan fir

(Abies beshanzuensis)

King Boris' fir

(Abies borisii-regis)

Santa Lucia fir

(Abies bracteata)

Greek fir

(Abies cephalonica)

Shensi fir

(Abies chensiensis)

Cilician fir

(Abies cilicica)

Colima fir

(Abies colimensis)

White fir

(Abies concolor)

Delavay fir

(Abies delavayi)

Sikkim fir

(Abies densa)

Durango fir

(Abies durangensis)

Faber fir

(Abies fabri)

Fanjingshan fir

(Abies fanjingshanensis)

Farges fir

(Abies fargesii)

Momi fir

(Abies firma)

Jalisco fir

(Abies flinkii)

Forrest fir

(Abies forrestii)

Fraser fir

(Abies fraseri)

Grand fir

(Abies grandis)

Guatemalan fir

(Abies guatemalensis)

Hickel's fir

(Abies hickelii)

Hidalgo fir

(Abies hidalgensis)

Manchurian fir

(Abies holophylla)

Nikko fir

(Abies homolepis)

Taiwan fir

(Abies kawakamii)

Korean fir

(Abies koreana)

Koreocarpa fir

(Abies koreana x lasiocarpa)

Subalpine fir

(Abies lasiocarpa)

California Red fir

(Abies magnifica)

Maries' fir

(Abies mariesii)

Sicilian fir

(Abies nebrodensis)

Manchurian fir

(Abies nephrolepis)

Abies nephrolepis x sibirica


Nordmann fir

(Abies nordmanniana)

Turkish fir

(Abies nordmanniana subsp. equi-trojani)

Algerian fir

(Abies numidica)

West Himalayan fir

(Abies pindrow)

Spanish fir

(Abies pinsapo)

Noble fir

(Abies procera)

Min fir

(Abies recurvata)

Sacred fir

(Abies religiosa)

Sakhalin fir

(Abies sachalinensis)

Siberian fir

(Abies sibirica)

East Himalayan fir

(Abies spectabilis)

Flaky fir

(Abies squamata)

Veitch's fir

(Abies veitchii)

Vejar fir

(Abies vejarii)

Arnold fir

(Abies x arnoldiana)

Insignis fir

(Abies x insignis)

Shasta Red fir

(Abies x shastensis)

Portuguese hybrid fir

(Abies x vasconcellosiana)

Vilmorin's fir

(Abies x vilmorinii)

Yuanbaoshan fir

(Abies yuanbaoshanensis)

Zhiyuan fir

(Abies ziyuanensis)