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Conifer Growth Habits (a.k.a. Shape)

Conifer does not necessarily mean conical. These trees range in size and shape from giants of the forest to plants that are as flat as a pancake (i.e.,Juniperus horizontalis ‘Pancake’.) Their different growth habits give landscape designers many elements to work with.

Here is the key to some examples of conifer growth habits found in the Conifer Database.

 Oval Conifer Illustration Broad Upright or Oval 
 Columnar Conifer Illustration Columnar: a gradually tapering column.
 Pyramidal Conifer Illustration Conical: sometimes called pyramidal, although a true pyramid has a square base which can only be achieved with strict pruning.
Bun Shaped Conifer Illustration Cushion or Bun Shaped
 Globose Conifer Illustration Globose: globe-like or rounded in general outline.
Arching Conifer Illustration Mounding: with varying degrees of arching, weeping branches.
 Fastigate Conifer Illustration Narrow Upright: much taller than broad; includes plants referred to as fastigiate, columnar, narrowly pyramidal or narrowly conical.
 Prostrate Conifer Illustration Prostrate: ground-hugging, carpeting plants without an inclination to grow upward.
 Low Spreading Conifer Illustration Spreading: wider than tall.
Irregular: uniquely erratic growth pattern.
Culturally Altered: pruned or trained into formal or imaginative shapes, such as high grafts or standards.