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PHOTOS from National Meeting

Here are links to Dropbox files with over 200 photos from the 2015 National Meeting last week. You do not have to be a Dropbox subscriber to view or download the photos. Many are of high enough resolution to print.

Thanks to Jan LeCocq and Jack Christiansen, our unofficial meeting photographers!

Jan’s photos

Jack’s photos

Photos from the Mathey garden (John Birchard Photography)

Miscellaneous photos from Post-conference Tour

Andrew Parsons’s photos including group photo

We have purposely not identified any person or place for privacy; if you would like more details, please email me at, or either of the photographers:

Janice LeCocq Photography

Jack Christiansen


3 comments to “PHOTOS from National Meeting

  1. Sara Malone commented

    We’ve just uploaded the group photo, courtesy of Andrew Parsons of the BCS. Thanks Andrew!

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