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SER President’s Notes October 2012

by Sue Hamilton, Southeast Region President. Autumn greetings! I don’t know about you but after the summer we’ve had I am excited that fall is finally here with cooler temperatures and hopefully more rainfall. We had a great meeting in Asheville in August and a very special THANK YOU to our Newsletter Editor, Maud Henne,…


NER annual meeting held in Massachusetts

This year 102 members of the Northeastern Region convened on Massachusetts’ South Shore, an area defined as south of Boston and before Cape Cod extends its’ crooked arm into the Atlantic, for its annual meeting September 14-15. Headquarters was in Rockland, MA, at the Holiday Inn. This is the backyard – literally as well as…


Worshipping at the Shrine of Chub

It’s late Sunday morning here at the National Meeting. I’ve cruised the tailgate sale in the hotel parking lot one last time before coming up to my room to pack and head back to Maine after a great few days here in the Ann Arbor area. While I have an hour before checkout, I thought…


SER President’s Notes June 2012

by Sue Hamilton, Southeast Region President. It’s June and we are a few weeks away from the 2012 National Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 12-14, 2012. Something new this year will be Conifer College; an optional pre-meeting education program on growing and caring for conifers. See the ACS website for details. I’m really excited…


From the President’s Desk Spring 2012

by Ethan Johnson, ACS National President. Conifers are becoming more popular in our landscapes. Similar to the rule in their native habitats, conifers seem to compete very well with flowering plants when resources are scarce, or conditions are a bit rough. Conifers are not needy prima donnas. They consistently perform admirably with less maintenance than…