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2015 Collectors’ Conifer of the Year

Welcome to the 10th year of what has become one of the American Conifer Society’s most popular and successful programs. Since the program’s inception, it has provided our members with opportunities to acquire unique conifers with outstanding attributes as well as providing the Society with funds to promote our missions of education and use of conifers….


Photos from the 2014 National Meeting in Atlanta

The 2014 National Meeting was an unqualified success and we enjoyed good weather, camaraderie and fabulous gardens. Bill McNamara of Quarryhill Botanical Gardens was our keynote speaker and he transported us to far off lands with a photo tour of his many botanical collecting trips to Asia. Look for a full write up of the…


ACS Members Win Literary Award

  ACS members Dr. John Ruter and Tom Cox received a literary award from the Georgia Writers Association at the 50th Annual Georgia Authors Awards in Kennesaw, GA this past Saturday night.  The award was recognition for their recent book, ‘Landscaping with Conifers and Ginkgos for the Southeast’. This book is a landmark publication for those…


CAPS: a New Partnership for ACS

By Larry Nau in

    The American Conifer Society attended its first Coalition of American Plant Societies (CAPS) meeting on May 14 -16, 2014. CAPS provides an opportunity for plants societies to meet and discuss common issues and share experiences. It also provides an excellent forum to share successful ideas and strategies for the future. The 2014 meeting…