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More Conifer College Info

Our first post last month reviewed six of the eight presentations in this year’s Conifer College (immediately follows the 2017 National Meeting). Here are the rest of the offerings. Reserve early to get the topics you want! Frank Goodhart, past ACS president (1996-1997) and recipient of the Award of Merit for Development in the Field…


2017 Collectors’ Conifer of the Year Selections announced!

2017 Collectors’ Conifer of the Year An upfront warning! Even if you think your “Conifer Addiction” is firmly under control, these offerings may create overwhelming temptations. We hope they do, as your indulgence will provide the Society with additional monetary support to further promote conifer education and utilization. Additionally, as a benefit to members, we…


Conifer College Seeks Students!

The 2017 ACS National Meeting will be held on August 17-19. A very special Conifer College will follow on August 20th. All of the primary speakers from the National Meeting will be offering two classes during three sessions Sunday morning, assisted by several regional presenters. Field trips offering special demonstrations on pruning styles and how…


Thanks to our National Meeting Sponsors!

We tried something a little different this year and asked some of our business members to consider sponsoring our national meeting. We have been gratified by the response and support from both local and national nurseries and members of the ‘green’ industry. So here’s a shout out to a wonderful group of sponsors: Conifer Kingdom,…


Tour CA with the British Conifer Society!

The British Conifer Society is sending a group of approximately 40 members to our 2015 National Meeting and Post-Meeting Tour. They will be touring Yosemite, Carmel and the White Mountains prior to joining us in Sonoma County on September 10th. They have some bus space and a few hotel rooms free. If anyone who is…