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2017 ACS Award Winners Named

The ACS is pleased to announce the 2017 winners of two of our most significant awards. Bill Barger, who has served the Society in many capacities (including the origination of both the website and the ConiferBase) is awarded the Justin C. ‘Chub’ Harper Award for development in the field of conifers. Don Wild is the…


A Garden is Lost, A Gem is Discovered: National 2017 Update

  In early May we learned that the Ryan/Murphy Garden, featured in the CQ, Spring 2017 Issue, was no longer available for our 2017 National ACS Meeting. Fortunately, as several “Plan B’s” were being considered, an extraordinary garden came to our attention. On May 19th we visited, “The Kraft Gardens on Crooked lake”. The Gardens are…


Notes from the 2017 Winter Board Meeting

Ever wonder what the ACS Board of Directors does? We just finished our winter board meeting. The ACS board meets twice a year, in February and the day before the National Meeting. All ACS members are welcome to join us as observers. For those of you who don’t know what we do, here’s a recap…