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Announcing Nursery Discount Program for ACS Members

The ACS Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new benefit for ACS members and our nursery partners in our mission: 10% discounts for members at select retail nurseries and the ability to purchase directly from some wholesale nurseries that ordinarily restrict their sales to the trade. This program furthers the goals of the Society by introducing more nurseries and growers to those wishing to learn about conifers and their use in the landscape. The more that nurseries and growers have customers requesting interesting conifers, the more likely that they will themselves learn about them, propagate and sell them.

In order to receive this discount, members will need to identify themselves as ACS members, and because we don’t issue ID cards (although we are working on that), we have created this form that you can fill in with your name, member ID and expiration date. We will also post the form in the ‘My Account’ section of the site.

We will maintain a current list of participating partner nurseries on the website, so check frequently for any additions. If there is a nursery in your area that you think would like to participate as one of our partners, let us know the nursery name and contact information, especially the name of the right person to speak to. You may certainly ask them yourself, and then let us know with whom we should follow up.

Benefits for nurseries:

  • We will list them on our website and link to them if they have an online presence.
  • We will feature them in social media.
  • We will remind members of the program every year in the spring CQ and direct members to the website for a current list of nurseries
  • The Western Region, which does not publish a newsletter, will send an email out each spring with a link to the website list.
  • Regions that publish newsletters will publish their regional list each year in their Spring issue.
  • We will provide education about conifers and their culture.

Requirements for nurseries:

  • Give ACS members who identify themselves as such 10% discounts (retailers) or allow them to shop (wholesalers).
  • Display ACS brochures at POS (retailers).
  • Promote the ACS mission of educating the public about conifers

ACS responsibilities:

  • Each nursery must have an ACS contact person.
  • The ACS contact will provide the nursery with brochures/holder
  • The ACS contact will also help the Program Manager with any updated information or questions from the nursery.
  • The ACS will help the partner nurseries (as requested) with information about conifers, their nomenclature and their culture

Program Manager: Sara Malone, 707-486-0444,

Sara is also the Program Coordinator for the Western Region. We are currently seeking coordinators for the other regions. If you are interested. please let her know.

Get out there and get shopping! Fall planting season is upon us.


13 comments to “Announcing Nursery Discount Program for ACS Members

  1. David Olszyk commented

    This is huge! When I was starting my conifer collection about 15 years ago, my main reason for joining the ACS was to be able to buy starter plants from Larry Stanley at wholesale prices. Several hundred collectable conifers later, I’m still having tons of fun with this organization.

    Jason at Western Evergreen is also there. He creates some of the best finished material you can find anywhere.

    Conifer Kingdom! Talk about a vacation destination!! Worth the trip from anywhere on Earth. Stay at the Oregon Garden while you’re there. Coniferous nirvana!!

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  2. David Olszyk commented

    Welcome, Derek. I hope you have a lot of fun here. We’re really a great group of plantsmen and women.

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  3. Jerry Kral commented

    I think this program is going to be “BIG”! I was just going to ask if any nurseries were going to offer the discount for on-line orders and discover that one was added overnight! Thank you ACS & Sara!


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  4. Randall Smith commented

    This is perhaps the coolest perk of being member I’ve seen since the inception of the group!

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  5. Sara Malone commented

    We’ve just added a few more nurseries – right now CA, OR, WA and OH are the ones with the most in the program. If your state isn’t represented and you know of a worthy nursery partner, let us know!

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  6. Sara Malone commented

    We’d love some feedback – anyone know of nurseries that you’d like to see added?

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  7. Eric Smith commented

    Hi Sara, I sent you a list of nurseries that I think might be interested in participating.

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