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ACS Member Speaks at Chicago Botanic Garden

pine trees, pruning, conifers
Sculpted Pinus sylvestris at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Maryann Lewis, ACS member and President of the Aesthetic Pruners Association, spoke in September to the North American Japanese Garden Association on ‘Aesthetic Pruning to Enhance the Garden Experience’. The venue was the Chicago Botanic Garden, where Maryann, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area was intrigued to learn that all of the sculpted pines were Pinus sylvestris, rather than the traditional Japanese choice of Pinus thunbergii, which does not flourish in the Chicago area. Maryann, who lectures often on pruning and garden aesthetics, took the following photos, which we share with you here. She was particularly struck by a lovely weeping Ginkgo, which was labeled as straight Ginkgo biloba, despite its unusual habit. Anyone familiar with this tree or an idea of whether it is really a cultivar? Thanks Maryann for sharing your photos with us and we hope to catch your next lecture!


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